Foreclosure Sales

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SouthLaw, P.C. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the report. The Firm makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, as to the information contained in this report or as to the condition or location of the properties listed for sale. The property address listed in the report is for reference purposes only. For an accurate description of the property, please refer to the actual legal description of the property as disclosed in the public records. Prospective bidders are advised to conduct their own investigation and due diligence prior to placing a bid at the sale. This report reflects the foreclosure sales which are scheduled to occur and which have not been canceled. All sales are governed by applicable state law. All information, including the bid amount, is subject to change up to and including the time of sale. Please note that the bid amounts listed in this report are opening bids only and may not reflect the total amount of the debt due at the time of sale or the final bid of the note holder. If a bid amount is marked "N/A", the bid is not yet available.  The terms for 3rd party sales are as follows:

Missouri and Nebraska Sales:  The terms of the sale are for cash, including a cashier's or certified check drawn on a federally insured bank made payable to SouthLaw, P.C.  No personal or third party checks will be accepted.  Purchasers may also provide the trustee with a current letter of credit, signed/stamped by the bank. The Letter of Credit must state that the 3rd party has sufficient funds to cover the entire bid amount and that those funds are available for immediate withdrawal. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that there will be a $12.00 incoming wire transfer fee added to the bid amount if the Buyer is paying with a wire transfer.  The Trustee's Deed will be prepared within a reasonable time after full payment of the purchase price and any applicable wire fees. If Buyer chooses to have the Trustee's Deed mailed, then there will be an additional charge of $6.00 (or current USPS certified mail charge) due at time of purchase. The Buyer may elect to pick up the Trustee's Deed at any of the firm's office locations instead of paying the mailing charge.

Kansas and Iowa Sales:  The terms of the sale are for cash including a cashier's or certified check drawn on a federally insured bank.  Checks should be made payable to the Clerk of the Court or Sheriff, depending on local custom and procedure. No personal or third party checks will be accepted.

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